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We've done it - Australia wins 3 - 1

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Aussies know how to play with balls better  ::)

It kicked off at 11pm local time. the streets were deserted while the game was on but then the city erupted. there will be a lot of sore heads in the office today.
Good to see that the Egyptian referee apologised to the Australian captain and goal keeper this morning for allowing the first Japanese and only Japanese goal when a Japanese player had fouled our goal keeper in the process.
Aussie, Aussie. Aussie, Aussie
Waltzing Matilda.
There's only one Johnny Warren, there's only one Johnny Warren.

Bring on Brazil  ;D :D ;)

Damn dumb American footballers.  That game was an embarrassment.  Those guys should be sent home and shot.  Execution style.

I think I read someplace over the weekend that supposedly USA was ranked #5 in the world.  Yeah, right.

As my neighbor would say, we got our plow cleaned.


Yeah 5th from last.  It wasn't until the end that they even took some decent shots on the goal and it was all from one guy.  I guess the rest of the team were getting their nails done or something.  And then they sent in a substitution, after the 3rd goal was made by those Bohemians.  Too little, too late guys. 

The coach should be shot too.  And of course we play Italy on Saturday and they are even better than the Czech republic. So we really needed to win this one....we are as good as eliminated.


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