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symptoms after 2-3 years....

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If you're worried about things on your skin, you need to show it to a doctor. Nobody can diagnose you through hazy photos on the internet.

You have tested conclusively negative over no-risk incidents. You ARE hiv negative. Keep using condoms and you'll stay that way.


first of all sorry about the bad news, i have a couple of things i like to ask,

esquare dont you have to have a pre-marital body check up before you get married? since your doc estimated you have been poz for a few years. i thought you have to get these things tested before you get marry and have babies.

also was your wifes first hiv test after 3 months from your last sexual encounter, the experts here say that 12-13 weeks is conclusive.


I removed the post you left in a thread over in the "I Just Tested Poz" forum and put it here, in your own thread, which is the only place you should be posting. Please read the Welcome Thread and pay attention to our posting guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.


i just found out there's one other medical condition that looks very much like whats on my skin. its call Urticaria pigmentosa, but i am not sure if thats what i have. I definitely hope its not ks. ks and this basically looks the same. i have to trust my 5-6 months negative hiv test a couple yrs ago. but its hard to me to rule out hiv, since i have this white spot on my tongue too, are those the symptoms of hiv.

is it possible to have ks and not have hiv? but what are the chances of that rarely.

will you develop ks if hiv+ within 3 yrs of infection? or will that only happen in advance stage hiv+? thats like >8yrs.

one more thing is i am not sure, people say do a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, and some even after 4 years hiv test, i have read in a post to make sure you are not infected. those info out there are really making people unsure of the real time frame as to the test result they got is for sure.

Andy Velez:
No matter what your mind is telling you to the contrary or what you read elsewhere, you have conclusively tested negative for HIV. Period. End of story.

Anything that's going on with you physically has nothing to do with HIV. Period.

Discuss any symptoms you're concerned about with your doctor.

This is not an HIV situation. Period.


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