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symptoms after 2-3 years....

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You may have only tested once, but you tested far outside the window period and you tested negative. This means you ARE hiv negative.

Go ahead and waste your money on further unnecessary testing if it makes you happy, just don't be surprised at the negative result.


i would pay $1000 for a 100% negative test result. $60 bucks for a piece of mind is worth every penny. but the fear of a positive is whats holding me back in waiting to take the test.  :-[ i hope you guys are right. i will order the test online and hope for the best... i have to do it, i have to do it before i get marry anyways, so its inevitable that i have to take 1 last test.

You are conclusively negative.  You have tested way outside of the window period and you are negative.  HIV is not your problem.  If you have symptoms go see a doctor about them and stop diagnosing yourself--that is a bad thing about the internet, patients always think they are doctors and that they have such and such illness based on a website.  The internet is not there for that purpose. This latest test you will take is going to be negative.  I hope that negative result that you will get can give you peace of mind, but somehow it worries me you will be back with more questions about how you think that negative isn't a valid result  :(

ann & coffee: i had just made up my mind to order the test off wal-green online today, i cant believe they just ran out of stock. they weren't out yesterday when i was at their site, i shouldn't have hesitated then. >:(  i guess i have to wait a bit longer till they have more supply of it...


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