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here's my story short, i had been with a few escorts from 2000-03, about 5-6 months after the last encounter i went to my urologist. i worried about some marks on my butt, turns out to be stretch marks. the main reason i went was, i was afriad of hiv. i was so scared, couldn't sleep and lost 10-15 lbs. i weight 130. i am sure you guys know how it feels if you are going through this. i ordered the test, the doc made it sound like hiv is only most frequent in bi males. who had anal. but i was scared, i ordered the test, it came back negative.

i am not sure which test he used, how accurate is 5-6 month negative. i know in the US its 12-13 weeks for  most people. can i be one of those that take longer to produce the antibodies?

now the reason i am so worried again is i am seeing symptoms, started about 6 months ago, a white spot on tongue and right side of the mocosa. also some brown dots on chest. i was back where i was before the hiv test, i lost like 10lbs again. the brown spots scared me the most, looks like ks, or the beginning of it, please help ease my mind. :'( since those encounters i have not been with anybody else. and dont plan on till after i get married.

link to my pics:

Your test would be conclusive. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. If your symptoms concern you, see you doctor. You are HIV negative.

Andy Velez:
You didn't mention if you had unprotected intercourse or not. In any case, your HIV test has reliably shown that you are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

As long as you always use a condom for intercourse, (vaginal or anal), it doesn't matter whether or how often you are with civilians or professionals. Condoms are very democratic and provide equally effective protection with both.

In general it is a good idea if you're sexually active to regularly have a full STD panel. Annually is good and every six months is even better. If you're having symptoms which are concerning you, discuss them with your doctor. They have nothing to do with HIV.


a little more about the encounters i had. all were pretected vaginals, except for one occasion i had unprotected oral, which i didnt cum but i was close to then she put the condom on me before i clean up and we had vaginal the ejaculated in her and she kept riding for like 30 seconds afterward and i was getting a little soft. also i had another encounter, this girl had a big bruise spot on her butt, she told me she fell and thats why its all bruised, i didnt think much of it at the time. Maybe its ks?, i dont know. she told me she worked for a couple of years in parlors down south dont remember which state. we had vaginal protected, i didnt kiss her or anything. i had a few more other encounters which were are protected vaginals.

thanks rapidrod and andy, your words are comforting. at least the hiv negative is for sure i hope. just that these spots i see that looks so much like ks, i have been looking up pictures of ks on google and i was like thats what this dot looks like, its so scary. i know i have read so much about the internet is a bad place to diagnose your symptoms, its either hiv or cancer.

i have been reading post on this forums for the past few days, its been said that its easier to catch other sti's than hiv. after the hiv test i had (which was negative, i was so happy, i had to courage to take the test for other std's easily), i also took other test std's and were all negative at that time.

by any chance you guys know what percentage of people will need more that 5-6 months to produce enough antibodies to be detectable?

do you have any other idea what the dots might be other than ks. it doesnt look like cherry agiomas to me, or maybe oral lichen planus and lichen planus on the skin which it doesnt itch at all so that cant be right. 

the past 6 months i took on a new job which was very stressful, i woke up at 8am and most days are up till 12pm or 1am. all these symptoms started at about the same time. can it be the stress thats brought my immune system way down and the virus kicks in and attack, its a very likely scenario. what do you guys think?

Your testing history is enough to clearly determine your negative status, more so because testing for this particular incident wasn't even necessary in the first place.

Antibodies aren't little buggers off for a game of hide and seek, they show up if they are going to do so beginning around week 3 post infection and may take a few weeks more for a few folk. I'm not personally aware of anyone who has ever tested negative at 3 months then go on to test positive at 6 as a result of the initial incident and since you didn't need to test in the first place your negative is no surprise.

Relax and celebrate a new year.


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