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cut/ dry hands and penetration


what if i have dry hands such to an extent that my skin is peeling and have cuts here n there... and i masturbated for a lady (hand entered the vagina)...would this be an infection risk?

rapidrod, i hope you are happy now

I'm happy you now followed the guidelines of posting on this forum. You didn't not have a risk. You do not get infected by small cuts, abrasions or nicks.

Andy Velez:
The vaginal fluids which could potentially have HIV+ IF the woman you are with is positive are in the area of the cervix, which is well above where you would likely be fingering.

In any case there's never been a documented case of transmission in this manner, nicks, cuts and such notwithstanding. You are not going to make history by becoming the first.

Please read the lesson on this site about transmission if you haven't already done so. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

This time you don't have any cause for further concern.


ok... i need to put my mind at rest for this... lets say someone has a rather deep cut on his finger... it does not bleed, but it has only been cut a day before so the wound is fresh..and not dried up yet... so he 'fingers' his girl (whole finger including the cut area is penetrated inside)... assuming one of the parties is positive, will there be any chance of transmission either way?

Andy Velez:
Sunny, I reluctant to deal with "what ifs." I'm not sure if what you have described has really happened or not.

What might look like a fresh opening in what you have described would in fact a day later already be protected by the natural reaction of the skin to a wound. A potential risk would be if you had a just freshly open wound into which HIV+ blood or other bodily fluid was pouring. Hardly the setting in which sexual play would be going on.

Stick with following the information int he Transmimssion and Testing lessons on this site and you'll be fine in terms of sexual risks related to HIV. The link to the lessons is in the Welcome thread which opens this section.



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