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so I am going out of my mind over the following encounter and would really appreciate some advice from this forum. I have been turning the internet upside down and that really doesn't help...

I ended up having an encounter with a prostitute in Germany (reasonably upscale establishment) where the following happened:
- unprotected oral on me (15 seconds maybe)
- lots of licking/sucking (her nipples, and skin all over, she on my  skin)
- I rubbed her vagina (did not penetrate) with my finger and licked that finger for lubrication twice

From what I have been reading here that should pose only a small risk for HIV right? What worries me is that I had a canker sore at the back of my mouth at the time. would it be possible that I picked up the virus with my finger when I was rubbing her labia and that it then somehow got in my mouth when I licked that finger???

Btw, I did test negative with std blood tests here in northern CA at 25 days and 46 days post the event.

PLease please answer my questions:

1) Could I be at risk for HIV at all?
2) how conclusive are my tests?
3) is there any risk to my wife I love very much?
4) do I have to confirm the test at 12 weeks?

Thank you for your support and all the work you are doing here!

I am sorry, I forgot to add that I also had protected vaginal intercourse. But since the condom stayed intact I didn't worry about that...

You didn't have a small risk. You had NO RISK.

Thank you for your rapid reply, RapidRod.

So you would say that I can safely resume sex with my wife without putting her at risk right?

Have you had an std panel done? You should get that cleared before you resume unprotected sex with your wife. You give her something and you may end up with nothing.


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