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blood on finger

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hello, i have a serious question...

do you know if the virus can live for more then a hour
outside the body, because i got blood of my new friend (after having sex) on my finger and more than 1 hour later i put this finger against/in my anus.... so afraid because i didnt wash my finger or anything but did see it ,
is this going to matter?

I have read the transmission lesson....

NO it is not going to matter. You didn't have a risk.

That's not good hygeine wise, but from an HIV standpoint, absolutely no risk.

so is this because of the hour between? cause i know im afraid of blood and i recently saw blood in toilet and i think it was frm the one before me(he had something on nose while washing hand, when i enntered i could have touched it and after that i know im a nailbiter  so i have touched my lips and other bodyparts.
I should worry about it? why or why not

NO you do not need to worry, it was not a risk.


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