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Getting Married have been tested for HIV 1 and 2 at 4 and 6 months need advice

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Hello All,

I am a recent member to this forum. However I have kept reading a lot of the messages posted.

My Situation:

Germany: Was on work there. Have been with roughly 43 - 50 different sex workers. Always have had protected insertive sex with condoms , I have always taken care of that issue during insertive sex. 2 cases of oral sex with out condoms. Last episode was August 23rd 2006. I have already submitted my blood sample for analysis. Will get my results by Jan 2nd 2007. I have not experienced any ARS symptoms whatsoever.

I am really freaking out. Just need some statistical estimtes as to what would be my chances of contracting the disease.

Thanks in advance for your support.

There are no statistical estimates for receiving a blowjob, because receiving a blowjob is not a risk of contracting HIV. You do however have a risk in contract other STDs.

Statistically nil because, as Rapidrod has already pointed out,condoms offer effective protection from HIV. Being sexually active you should be getting a sexual health checkup no less than yearly because some STDs can be transmitted via unprotected oral sex. Early detection makes them easier to treat.

Try to relax a bit as the 2nd draws near.

Andy Velez:
I agree with what you have been told, but I also want to mention that anyone who's sexually active ought to regularly have a full STD panel done. Other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV, so it's wise to get it done at least annually and every six months is even better.

Good luck with your HIV test which I certainly expect will be negative based on what you have reported.


Dear All,


I have got my results in today and they were negative.
They had done the ELISA TEST, RAPID TEST and Western BLOT all three have confirmed that I am negative for HIV. My last exposure was August 23rd 2006. I had given my Blood samples on December 21st 2006. Do you think further testing is warrented. I am also going in for the full battery of STI testings other than HIV.

Dear Ann

Your caution about using condoms everytime is really true


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