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My angel has gone home

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I am sorry your mother has passed away. But you still have a child. Remembering her foerever is the way to keep her alive in your heart.
 :-\ :-*

I am sorry for your loss.  But as has been said the person will stay alive with you  forever in your memories.
I lost a very dear friend on Nov 26, 2006 and his memorial service is tomorrow which also happens to be his 41st birthday. Keeping some things of his and pictures and memories will keep him with me.
If you feel a huge emptiness in your being where that person used to be, I understand.  I have gone through this with too many of my friends who have passed away. It will feel better in time.  You have to give it time.  If you need counseling then by all means try to get some. I am aware that there are Grief support groups also.

Dear Jozy,

I am sorry to hear of your moms passing. My deepest heartfelt sympathy and condolences, go out to you and your family, during this difficult time. Be strong...


Dear Jozy

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Many people here are thinking of you right now, I hope you can feel their thoughts and prayers holding you during this time, and I hope in time you feel the relief in accepting the things you cannot's only natural to want her back, but she is at peace now, and remember, she will always be with you so never forget that, and keep her safely locked up in your heart.

Love and thoughts are with you.

Jan :'(


Dear mrsjozy,

You have my deepest sympathy.  Just know that death is a road we must all travel.  Think about all the good times you had with your mother and know that your mother lives within you, so she is never far from you. Blessing to you and your family.

--- Quote from: mrsjozy on December 28, 2006, 07:41:24 PM ---Yesterday my son turned two and my mom died. 11 plus years she has been fighting her battle. But never did I really see this coming, even though I have been preparing myself mentally for this for what seems like forever. So cold she peaceful and free. I guess asking the lord to bring her back would be just thinking only of me. No more will she have to suffer, no more meds and side effects. No more doctors appt. dialysis, shakes or night sweats. I'm at a lost for anymore words, tell me what to do from here?

--- End quote ---


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