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My angel has gone home

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Yesterday my son turned two and my mom died. 11 plus years she has been fighting her battle. But never did I really see this coming, even though I have been preparing myself mentally for this for what seems like forever. So cold she peaceful and free. I guess asking the lord to bring her back would be just thinking only of me. No more will she have to suffer, no more meds and side effects. No more doctors appt. dialysis, shakes or night sweats. I'm at a lost for anymore words, tell me what to do from here?

Mrs. Jozy,

I am very sorry that you have experienced this loss.  My heart goes out to you.  I am certain that your love gave her comfort throughout her difficult battle. 

Mrs. Jozy

How difficult to lose your mom and at the same time how glorious that she had you to stand by her and she had time as grandmother to your son. It's understandable for you to be at a loss for words. You ask what to do? Allow yourself the time to grieve. There are good books on the stages of grieving--they are distinct and sometimes it's helpful to know that a certain type of reaction or feelings are quite normal. In fact, to suppress grief is not healthy for you, or for your son.

To set aside time for such things as walks, a relaxing bath, a movie with a friend--are ways to schedule in time for yourself. Two-year-olds have a way of making sure you stay on their schedule--it's a good idea to make sure you're in the mix, too.

In time, the best memories surface and the stories created by and with your mom will be retold to your son by you and others who knew and loved her. Journaling is a way of not losing the recollections you may have and hear early on.

Wishing you peace

My heart goes out to you and I am sorry that she passed away. At least like you said she is not suffering and is in a better place. My deepest sympathies. I hope you get to read the support in your thread to at least receive some consolement. Tak care of yourself because your baby neeeds you.


   I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I have been through a lot in the past months with my dad & I know what you mean about preparing yourself. You always wonder when the phone rings, is this the time? I don't think we can really, truly prepare ourselves to loose a parent. I just keep telling myself to take in ALL moments that I have with my dad. Remember all good times & bad, as they are also our life together. And if you are like me you will discover that the "bad" times weren't really that bad. Just stepping stones to a wonderful life. I love my dad with all of my heart and I know you felt the same for your mom. Although my dad is still with me, I feel what you are going through!
   Keep your mom with you through your memories !!!! Let your son get to know her through your memories !
Keep your chin up in her memory & Love the life you have.

   I hope I can live by my own advise one day, but until then, God bless you & your family!!


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