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Sounds like it may turn out to be some well needed rain but I've been thinking about all of you in Florida and hoping for the best.  We have friends right now in Key West who rode their Harley's from Columbus.  They are there with friends and celebrating their anniversary.  I hope they are finding ways to have fun even with the rain.  They are a straight couple and Bobby is a cop who always gets hit on by the drag Queens.  He likes the attention and doesn't mind if it's coming from a man or woman :)

i have been thinking of our friends down in Fl. also today. I hope they are all fairing pretty well. I know from living in Fl. for 10 yrs. that the storms can get pretty scarey. I hope everyone that is in Fl. will come on and let us know how they are doing with this storm.For now stay safe and dry. I am sending up prayers and good thoughts for each and everyone of you.

Love Wendy


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