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I have a question regarding a possible risk that I had a few days ago. I have had protected sex with a female for a few weeks. I do not know her HIV status. A few days ago, we were giving oral sex to each other and I penetrated her for a few seconds without a condom in the heat of the moment. I withdrew after three thrusts and put a condom on and had protected sex until ejaculation.

I know I had unprotected sex and more than likey you will tell me that I need to test. However, IŽd like for you to assest my risk. Has anyone been infected with HIV for having 3-5 seconds of unprotected sex? Should I be very concern about this?
I asked her to take an HIV test and she agreed. She is waiting on the results. I had tested a month or so ago. I know I was HIV negative.

I would appreciate if the moderators respond to this.




It seems we already have a thread that deals with that very issue:

As in, Three Thrusts Unprotected.

Until one of the Moderators gets to you with a response, you will likely find an answer already printed there.

For hiv almost nil, but for other STDs you have a greater chance of contracting. Should you test? Yes, not only for HIV but for other STDs as well. You need to use a condom correctly at all times. That means consistently and have a full sexual check up each year or twice a year.

Andy Velez:
Francisco, HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly harder to accomplish from female to male. Given this was a single and very brief incident the odds are very much in your favor against transmission having occured.

But you do need to learn from this experience. Low risk is not the same as no risk. So each time you have intercourse without a condom you are risking your life. It's as stark and as simple as that. Use a condom for intercourse everytime. No exceptions.

I do expect you will test negative, but don't press your luck again.


Thank you guys for your responses.

There was a question that was not answered which was: Has anyone been infected with HIV for having 3-5 seconds of unprotected sex with a female? Should I be very concern about this?

IŽd like to ask one more question if you guys donŽt mind. Which risk would be consider greater, a condom breakage or a few seconds of unprotected intercourse?



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