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So this is Christmas

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Did you have sex with someone in June or July? Although your test was negative in August, you could have still been infected earlier and been in the window period for seroconversion. Sometimes if you test within 13 weeks of a sexual exposure you will test negative because you haven't seroconverted yet. It's where the window period comes from.

However, I guess it is a moot point.


Andy Velez:
UAL, I'm glad you have found your way to our site. Welcome!

Obviously this is a huge change in your life. Fortunately if and when you need them in the future, there are medications which can be very effective in keeping you healthy. It's essential that you connect up with a physician who knows HIV and with whom you can develop a good working partnership in keeping you healthy.

And gradually you will learn everything you need to know to stay healthy.

You're still going to be able to a good uncle/father to your nephews.

Remember that you're always welcome here to ask questions or to discuss anything that is on your mind.

This is a tough beginning for a New Year for you. We embrace you here and you are gradually going to see that HIV is an element in your life, but by no means all that your life is or will be about.



Hey, we're the same age........

But seriously, I think you are remarkable to have handled these issues with so much strength. I'm glad that you have stepped back out into the sunshine and embraced it. Life is too short....and you are way too cute....


Hi UALaw,

You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders and you seem very strong and settled in your approach. It is so lovely that you're taking care of your two nephews, and I'm sure you will be a good parent/uncle to them.

I had to laugh at finding comfort in changing the diaper but, as you said, hardly anything has changed.

Oh and by the way, there should be no implictions at all regarding an asymptomatic seroconversion; it's not all that uncommon.

I am sure you will find romance in due course.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words of support.  I'm actually feeling greatly encouraged and am looking forward to getting a more detailed analysis when my first blood work comes back later this month.  I also wanted to share with you a private message I received from a member--a message of a decidedly different tenor.  Has anyone else received this kind of message?  Is it a violation of the terms of service?

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Sent to: UALaw77 on: January 03, 2007, 11:57:24 PM
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Read your whining on the AIDS community forums.  You sound like a typical shallow, dimbulb faggot,  UALAW...oh pleeeeease, just what the nation needs another lawyer.  And I love that line about "the desert being a place for relatively young, upwardedly mobile gay men.  LMAO! Could any single sentence summarize the vapidness and vacuosness of fag subculture?  Sounds like your AIDS diagnosis changed nothing, still shallow and superficial as all hell.  Nice to hear even in the depths of Alabama the fag culture is still the same.  And that pic of you, what is that from high school. Grow up!


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