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Registering with a new GP


Hi all,

Just a quick question for fellow UK residents.  I don't currently have a GP in manchester so i'm going to register with one today.  I'd rather not let my doctor know of my HIV status at the moment does anyone know if there is a direct question about this in the registration forms? and if so if I lie about it will there be any consequences?



Hi Chris,

I don't recall there being a question on the form that I completed, BUT the nurse asked a ton of questions so my GP may have opted to do an interview type process to get the background information, rather than using a form.  I'd be willing to bet that one way or another the question will come up (probably indirectly).

I told my GP (both the nurse when I met with her first and then my doctor).  They asked a few follow-up questions (like where I was being treated and if I was on any meds) and really after that they haven't mentioned it since.  Both have my permission to contact each other for treatment issues, but I can't really tell that there has been any coordination between them, though to be fair, none is probably needed at this stage of my treatment.


P.S.- Thanks again for the DVD.  Is it suppose to be only sound or is it picture and sound?  I'm thinking that I'm not doing something right.

P.P.S.- I really wish the NHS would use a singular GP/HIV doc treatment model.  It would make things alot simpler and seems like it would reduce costs overall to have one person treating you (and more effective), than having to go to two doctors/clinics.

Hi Chris,

I don't think they are allowed to ask you directly, but it will come up indirectly and you can either lie or tell him/her. It really is better to tell because that is the only way you will get the best service.

My old GP left the surgery I am assigned to here on the Rock and as soon as the new one took over, I made an appointment for the express purpose of getting to know him and telling him my hiv status. If he had a bad reaction to that or didn't know the first thing about hiv, then I would have requested a different doctor. Of course my situation is a little different here on the Rock because my hiv doc is in Liverpool, so it's very important for me to have a doctor I can trust here on the Rock. I wouldn't go near the hiv doc they bring to our clinic here if you paid me. And I'm saying that as someone who is chronically skint! :o


I decided not to put anything down on the form for now, there was a part for any serious illnesses but I left it blank.  I rang George House Trust to see what they had to say and they just mentioned that for any requests of medical records the doctor had to release the information so i'm going to leave it for now just while i'm looking for jobs.  I know it shouldnt be an issue but there are still uneducated people out there!  I've got an interview tomorrow so hopefully that should be sorted soon fingers crossed.  I wanted to meet my new GP first as well and make sure that I trust her because that's the most important part in the end isnt it.  I do remember my HIV doc saying there isnt any need to tell my GP at the moment either because of my numbers etc.

Cliff if your having trouble playing that DVD I suspect its the player you are trying to open it with, is it Windows Media Player?  Try downloading this program it's completely free and should let you play it ok  Ann i've not forgotten i'm sending you a copy as well i've not had chance to do it yet but i'll send it off tomorrow afternoon definately.



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