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tested positive 11/20

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Hey John,

Thanks for reading my story. I know it was a mouthful. I am doing ok on the sustiva truvada combo. I will go in for my second labs on the 8th and will get the results on the 15th. I have learned and grown so much in the past three months. It has changed me, and much for the better.


Thanks for the advice on the shits. I still have them. But I have gained three pounds which is encouraging, even if I am still very much underweight. I am going to look into your remedy.

You guys are great. This is what this website is all about.



My family still has a huge issue with the mis-diagnosis those half dozen times I visited my primary doctor, ERs and Urgent Care facilities.  I probably knew what was going on deep down, but shouldn't health professionals take this disease more seriously too?

Hey Rob and Gang----Rob, have been following your story with a lot of interest because you were diagnosed just a few weeks before I was.  You are one of the heroes on the forums watching how you have handled yourself and dealt with the issues of being hiv early on.  I salute you, my friend!  What a trrooper and an inspiration you are!

I am not on meds yet myself.  I have a 2nd visit with my hiv specialist on 2/12 and will find out the results of my latest labs.  She indicated on my first visit that she did not think I would be on meds in the foreseeable future but we shall see how the labs are looking. Meanwhile after being sick for most of 2006 it is good to feel like my health is back.

NECMHGUY----I was diagnosed with hepB in April of 2006 in the emergency room of St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR---supposed to be one of the better hospitals in the state.  I wished in retrospect I would have had the presence of mind to _request_ an hiv test then but I was so damn sick and I was not totally confortable in terms of confidentiality as I have a relationship with that ER professionally.  Anyway youda thunk the ER doc would have ordered an hiv test when my hepb test came back positive.  Follow up in a week with who was recommended to me as one of the top internal medicine docs in Central Oregon.  I told him I was gay in my initial visit.  You think he woulda recommended an hiv test?  Six months later:  I take the initiative, contact my doc and request a follow up hep-b antigen test to see if I had become chronic or not plus follow up liver panel to check those numbers out.  I requested an hiv test at the same time---having had 101-102 fevers every night for over a month plus night sweats, I kinda figured something could be up!  Bingo!!  Office nurse calls in a week to tell me I am negative for hepatitis _but_ I have hiv, oh by the way!  "And hey, you have a nice day!"    Yeah!  What is purported to be good health care, doesn't quite live up to the advertising when it comes to diagnosing or treating hiv.  I could write another several paragraphs just about going to the labs to have the CD4 and VL labs drawn!!  It has been interesting.... I finally did get a physcian I like and have confidence in.  Prior to moving here to the Outback she taught hiv treatment protocols at UC San Francisco.

Hardyve--- hey are you having labs done to track your hiv??  Hopefully you are, and if you are not then get this done.  Do you have a competent, knowledgeable hiv specialist you are working with?   Locating one just as soon as you can is important.  Glad to hear you are in good health---what is your source of protein in terms of your diet BTW?  But don't let your good health lul you into thinking you do not need on-going medical management, please, please, please!  And keep us posted!  This is an excellent place to get good information.  It has sure helped me out a lot.

Take care my friends!   Rick

Hey Guys,

I went in for my labs today. I think it is getting easier to the labs. The attendant doesn't ask me if I signed a release for the viral load anymore. I like that I am treated with respect each time. I guess these feelings have more to do with me perhaps. Anyway, I will be getting new results this Thursday. My labs on Thursday will reflect 37 days on truvada and sustiva.

Hey Rob

I am sure your results will look great especially at your rate. Sustive is known for getting geat results quick. Labs can suck sometimes but since u are on meds now I think it is safe to expect better numbers. Good luck and please keep us posted.


Thanks my Iva,

You are always rootin' for me along with the others on this website. You are going to be fine too. We are going to celebrate our HIV b-days together some day.



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