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I have gotten 8 since testing poz. I discussed my status with the artist before hand, mostly for my own piece of mind. To him it was no biggy, but seemed to really appreciate the honestly. I do the same thing with a new denstist, oral hygenist, piercer, nurse, doc and what not. It makes ME feel more comfortable to do it. As of yet, I have never had anyone run out of the room screaming in terror.....but the day is still early.   :o

Go get a kick-ass tattoo if you want one, and disclose your status if it will make you feel better. Please post a pic here when you get it.

Good luck,


Thank you all for your suggestions. They do seem cautious enough that one wouldn't necessarily have to disclose, but I think I'd need to be upfront about that for myself. I imagine there has to be a tattoo shop in 'boys town' (the gay area in Chicago) that wouldn't care.

Next time I run into money I'll have to inquire...could be awhile.


I wouldn't feel any need to disclose to a tattooist and probably wouldn't since they are to follow standard precautions with all customers.

And I am interested in a getting inked again..... just not sure what or where :(

Thanks Brian for posting this topic. I for one have always wanted to get a tattoo but was afraid with my status that I would be turned away. I'm sure there are places that still discriminates against positive folks though. If anyone was curious, I want to get a pair of large angel wings (hopefully, it will guarantee my entrance into heaven) and a growing vine on my arm with each leaf listing a hobby or the name of something/someone inspirational in my life :)

Before David died, he and I discussed getting ME a tattoo.  He had three and I wanted at least one.
Something like the Greek figure he had on his pelvis ( A winged Picarus)
but Brian I wouldn't feel the need to disclose to a Tattoo artist....  I would ask about his precautions. need a dingo on your cute little bum.  Something to smack while bumping your bottom :P


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