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Just something I've been curious about. Have any of you gotten a tattoo while being positive?

I have two tattoos and I'm not even sure if I'd like to get more, but it'd be nice to have the option. Do you have to find an artist that doesn't care about your status? I remember the last tattoo I got I had to sign something saying I didn't have hiv or hep.


I got a tattoo some 12 years ago. I also had to fill in the form and i ticked neg because i have never been tested for hiv anyway and I could have maybe been already infected. I think that Tattoo artists have strict guidlines on procedures so at the end of the day it should not really make much all that difference. Will be interesting to read other experiences of getting a tatoo while hiv pos and what the procedure was.


I got both of my tattoos while being HIV+.  I didn't disclose my status to the tattoo artist and he never forms to fill out or anything.  All tattoo artists should be following "universal precautions" so you really shouldn't need to disclose.  I actually know someone who has a tattoo on his arm that says HIV+ so obviously there are some tattoo artists that will give you a tattoo even if they know you are POZ.

I had gotten an armband tattoo on my right arm about 10 years ago that said HIV+AIDS.  I had just gotten out of a relationship controlled by drugs and didn't want to deal with disclosing so I thought I'd just tattoo it for everyone to see.  Several years later I decided to get a cover up tattoo.  I found an outstanding tattoo artist in Toledo who told me he takes the same precautions for everyone and did not require disclosure.  To play it safe he goes into every tattoo assuming the client could be HIV or Hep+  He appreciated my honesty but said he took the same precautions

I was interested in getting a tattoo and called a very popular place here in town.  I spoke with the manager and he said "I treat everyone I tattoo as if they have the plague"  LOL

Just like doctors, they must take universal precautions.  It should not be a problem.



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