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Danny, did you watch the TONY awards?

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I agree, V.P. - Hugh Jackman vs. Harry Connick, Jr. is no contest. (in my opinion)   I also think his opening was kind of weak.

John, I can't WAIT to see "Dreamgirls".   It looks great.

Re: Patricia Neal, I just saw again for the umpteenth time "The Day the Earth Stood Still", where she says "Klaatu barada nikto" to the robot Gort.....

I saw Sweeney Todd during previews.  I have to say it was a bit odd.  I could totally appreciate the artistic aspects of the production, but it was a bit odd, none the less.

I was a little disappointed that Jersy Boys won for Best Musical.  I'm kind of over the whole "show being built around the music of a person or group" thing.  Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, etc, etc, etc.  Getting old.  Just sayin

What's up with all these fags on here not saying a word about Julie Andrews!!??  hehe   ;)  They could have just skipped right to the ending and done her part and I would have been happy.  GOTTA LOVE JULIE!!!  Can't wait for Mary Poppins to open later this year on B'way.


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