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Danny, did you watch the TONY awards?

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I especially liked the numbers performed from the Drowsy Chaperone and from the Color Purple

also, I was glad to see Patricia Neal.

Not Danny here, but I watched it for the most part.

A bit boring, but I liked the same bits that you enjoyed Alan.

After seeing La Chanze close-up, it's a bit ironic that she's playing "ugly" Celie in "The Color Purple."

Big Ol' Fag Alert:
Did that trailer for "Dreamgirls" coming out next Christmas not look fantastic or what?  I'm hearing Jennifer Hudson steals the movie.

(ok, I like musicals.  Just keep it on the QT.   ;))

Alan, I totally forgot it was Tony's night until the threepenny opera performed.

I just love Alan Cumming.

LeChanze is beautiful btw.

I'm so sad that I missed the Sweeny Todd performance...

It was awesome to see Patricia Neal, particularly since I thought she was...welll...dead.
And what's up with Cindy Lauper?  Was it just my television, or did she look 25?  FFS...she's 53!

Van Pelt:
The Tony's weren't that great this year...with the exception of LaChanze winning the Tony...

Where was Hugh Jackman to liven it up this year???

And what was up with the opening? Harry Connick Jr. really opened on a downer....

Loved Drowsy Chaperone.

HATED Sweeney Todd & Threepenny Opera...

(Why is Patti LuPone still playing Patti LuPone???????)


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