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Delayed seroconversion

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Dear all,

Hi, I would like to ask question here. I used to log in the the old page. Now I can't seem to find my thread. Ann, Andy can anyone help me. Sorry, don't know what to do.


Andy Velez:
Sacramento, start a new thread of your own for your question.

1. I read so much about delayed seroconversion I'm so concerned it might be me. Are you 100% sure I'm negative?

2. Are lymph nodes normally palpable? If I can touch them, does that mean that they are swollen? Once i'm most concerned about are a little less than 1cm (submental neck nodes), 1.2cm subjugular left node. I'm quite a slim guy - 5'11" 64kg. I promise I'll stop touching them from now on, but if you could tell me what they're normally like I'd be grateful.

3. Also, I'm concerned about 2 exposures: a. broken condom during intercourse (12 months ago); b. protected intercourse but masturbation using cervical fluid on condom (hand-genital transmission) - fluid kept in mucous membrane of foreskin for at least a few hours (9 months ago). I'm more concerned about the 12 month exposure, which is why I say I've tested out to 12 months, not 9 months. Is my 9 month exposure a low/medium/theoretical risk? Even his the lady was HIV positive with high viral load?


<<1. I read so much about delayed seroconversion I'm so concerned it might be me. Are you 100% sure I'm negative? >>

Reading something does not make it accurate, even if it makes you afraid.

Lymph nodes are palpable, especially during periods of sickness or emotional stress. Yes, they swell then, too. And when you start poking at them, they can stay that way for a long time. Quit it.

There is NO risk in mutual masturbation.

Your broken condom did not result in HIV infection, as you tested negative at the appropriate time.

It's time to let this go, and I submit that this forum (and all the other HIV sites you seem to be reading) are prolonging, not alleviating, your fear.

Dear JK, I've read numerous of your post and I'd just like to say you've educated me A LOT about HIV. I was half wishing you could share with me your thoughts about my exposure and testing experience... but i daren't ask that you do. Simply with those few words from you have calm a lot of my nerves. Thanks for the advice. I wish you best of health.


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