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Matty the Damned:

--- Quote from: chronicworrier on June 16, 2006, 12:16:14 AM ---FINAL FINAL QUESTION

Not even (1. I'm uncircumcised w/ all the dendritic cells fully exposed 2. It's cervico-vaginal fluid used 3. High viral load 4. Fluid kept under foreskin for a prolonged period). No way?  ???  :o

Not even a little bit of risk? Not even with all the symptoms in the world?  :-\

Please be honest.


--- End quote ---

These what-if's are getting silly Chronic. Your questions have been answered. Mutual masturbation is not, never has been and never will be a risk for HIV infection. Seriously, read the Welcome Thread again. It contains the links to the answers you need.


I respectfully withdraw from this disintegrating conversation.

best of luck with your sexual future.

I apologise if I have overstepped my mark there with the questionings.
I withdraw from this forum today. Thank you for your advice and help.



Mutual masturbation, as you have been told, is not a risk of hiv infection in any way, shape or form.

Besides, even if you had full, buck-naked, condomless anal or vaginal intercourse, you have a twelve month negative test result. You are hiv negative, period, end of story.

Mutual masturbation is NOT a risk for hiv infection and you have a conclusive negative result to prove that. You are hiv negative. Time to move on.



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