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Delayed seroconversion

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1. Is there anything testers can do to guard against delayed seroconversion? Or, is it one of those things that if it happens to you, you just have to rue your luck? I ask this because I read a response from a doctor on TheBody stating that 'more than a few people' have converted after the one-year mark (!!). One person converted at 42 months. Some people apparently do not even produce antibodies.

2. I tested negative at 12 months. Yet, my symptoms persists. Are there any set of symptoms people should watch out for that might indicate delayed seroconversion?

3. My exposure was in Bangkok. Are there rare strains in Thailand that wouldn't usually be detected on a rapid test?

You do not detail the whys of delayed seroconversion in your post.  Chemotherapy, IV drug use.....those are major reasons for delayed seroconversion.  The basic rule of thumb is, if you had one of the main causes of delayed seroconversion, you'd know it. 

You are HIV negative, please continue working with your Dr to find out the cause of your malaise, its very disturbing to think that you might not find out what's really wrong with you because your a fixated on HIV:  something you don't have.

You are HIV negative.


Thx Sae. Ok, I'm neither a drug user not undergoing chemo.

Why? Mainly because of problems I have been facing with my neck glands. They are not all that big (<1cm) but there are palpable all the time and I'm constantly feeling them whenever I turn my head. Is this normal? I have also suffered from weight loss and often down with all sorts of infections. My immune system seems to be at rock bottom these days. I've also experienced "ARS" at 2 weeks after exposure.

Please understand that I'm trying not to be fixated by HIV. It's just that the severity of the illness makes me want to rule it out with at least 100% confidence.

You've tested negative. You didn't have ARS and leave your lymph nodes alone that is enough reason to cause them to swell.


You need to be working with a qualified doctor to get to the bottom of your physical problems. No one can diagnose you over the internet, you must see someone face-to-face.

Now that you have ruled out hiv, you can start to look for other causes to your problems. And as Rodney says, keep your hands off your glands because touching them all the time will make them swell and keep them swollen. It can take several weeks for them to return to normal after being irritated by constant touching.

And by the way, you never said what your possible exposure was. Unless you had unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse, you probably weren't at risk of infection anyway.

Regardless, you are hiv negative. Protect your status by using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, every time, no exceptions. Please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence. Please also read through the Welcome Thread for links to the AIDSmeds transmission and testing lessons.

You are hiv negative.



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