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Laptop vs desktop.

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Laptop.  Being able to take it anywhere (even if just inside your home) makes it worth it.  The prices have come down to where there's only a slight premium (sometimes none at all) for a laptop over a traditional desk top.  Plus you save on space (not having to have a desk).  Make sure you get wireless broadband at home. 

I prefer IBMs.  I use laptops for work and I have had IBM, HP and Dells issued to me and by far I have always preferred the IBM laptops (as do most coworkers).  They tend to be slimmer and lighter, plus just the right features (like the finger mouse thingie).  I find the touch pads on laptops very difficult to navigate (IBM usually have both in case you prefer the touch pad).

- Cliff

I have a desktop, but I want a laptop too! If I had one I could be sitting in my garden right now instead of being stuck in the house.

My daughter has one for college and as soon as she's home in a few weeks time I'm going to commandeer it until she goes back to Leicester in October. She has a mini-mouse with hers and also a separate keyboard that she can use when she's doing a lot of writing.

I can't wait until she's home so I can use it!


I'd get a notebook.  I have a business class Dell (Latitude) from work that has the 3 year warranty that covers all damage.  My old (4.5 years old) notebook was also a Dell and still works great.  If you force yourself to use the touch pad or stick instead of a mouse, you'll be much better off.  It's not intuitive at first, but neither is a mouse.  That way, you won't have to drag a mouse around and try to find a place to use it when you're not at a desk - keep it portable.  It's hard to use a mouse lying in bed surfing the web!  There are a few settings for the touch pad that you'll want to change to make it more functional. I like a small-ish (14" screen), light weight (4.5 lbs) notebook with wi-fi... it's big enough to be comfortable to use but small and light enough to use on my lap or to take with me.

I've never used a laptop and have the same feelings about the touchpad thingie instead of a mouse.

But it really depends on what you plan on using it for.   I do gaming and projects that pretty much require a desktop, especially for my 19" monitor.

If you are into just websurfing and emailing etc.. then go with the laptop. 

Let the function drive what you buy.   


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