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Laptop vs desktop.

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I agree with Dingo. I have a seven year old desktop, and a two year old laptop. As a mac person, I rely on my PS2 for gaming, but I can tell the diff in power, even though the desktop is a G4 400 and my laptop is a 1.33 Gigahertz G4 iBook.

I LOVE the ibook because, thanks to wirelessness, I can be in the same room as my ferrets (who seem to like having me around) and be online. Also, on the days when I am in the bathroom for hours, I can still type.

The top of the line PC laptops are good gaming machines (I watched my friends on the production company play Dungeons and Dragons online for fun). But a desktop is the powerhouse system, no question.

My suggestion is to get a cheap laptop for email and internet, go wireless, and if you gotta game, buy an Xbox or PS2 for that. Otherwise, the differences are, as you mentioned, real estate. And for what its worth, the real estate at Starbucks is awesome :)


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