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Rob - Dublin:
Hi All,

I know its 'slightly' off any relevant subject but seeing as im the only Irish resident on the site (unless they all come out of the wood tonight!) and as I did say on joining a few weeks ago that I would post a pic here. While it was not a problem with the upload of the pic, im afraid to say that i got quite used to being Jude Law for the last few weeks (it was his pic I had up). So nice having that boy in ur face everytime u switch on ;D ;D ;D

The last few weeks on here have been a great help for me and I've learned so much. Great site, great help and great people, so thank u all.


welcome... again... as the real you now :)

Hi Rob...

Always nice to have a face to a name...


Herman :)

Hello Rob,

Good to see ya.... Want to wrestle? ;)

The Best-----Ray ;)

You mean to tell me you are not Jude Law? I was going to apply to be your nanny. I guess you will just have to do. Welcome again laddie.

Hal ;)


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