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Ok - So Now What? Good Greif !

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Hi Eric,

As usual, some good advice here.  I think it is important to separate your grieving from your HIV.  Take the time to recover from the loss of your friend, then you can deal with the virus.  It becomes terribly painful when the two are mixed....

Be well my friend

Eric...Hey buddy.  Dwelling on your hiv status is normal perhaps but not required.  William sounds like he's accepted
his situation...and of course not being on med's makes it easier to "forget" at times.  Find ways to take your mind of
your little bug....Make taking med's a game is one suggestion.  But regardless whether your HIV or not...dwelling on
anything negative brings nothing but negative results.  Remember to be grateful for what
you have and for the time you have with him.  Sometimes you don't realize what you have until you lose it.

Give William a Big Ole Hug :-*


I just love you guys!  Thank you...   

I print these out for William to read as well and he always reminds me of "Do you remember what so and so said to you on AIDSMEDS"?  Its pretty werid having your words, your ideas, come out of Will's mouth.  I am getting support from every angel...  Oops  "angle"...

I feel Loved.... :)


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