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Its hunker season again......

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All of our Florida brethren may be dealing with the after effects of our first named storm of the season. Alberto is coming, so every body hunker. ;) :P

Lisa, the thing is not a bad storm, only a small rain shower, which Florida can use right now.

Wait for the biggie's to move in then run like hell.

BB  (who is so close to retiring to Florida I can almost smell the salt air.) :D

As I write this monday Morning, we're now under a Hurricane Warning  So The Official Hunker Horn Has Been Honked.  This one is going to be pretty weak by all accounts but it sure is dumping some much needed rain!!!
I gave the yard a good dose of fertilizer yesterday in anticipation of the upcoming rain, and thats about the only preparation I'm making for this one. I went out on some errands this morning and didn't even notice any high water despite 12+ hours of steady rainfall....
On the Plus side, the rough surf always brings the Surfer Hotties out :P  :P

Cowabunga Dude,

great... coming almost right to orlando /sigh.  i need a boy to hunker down with :)


My rain gauge showed 4 inches of rain. And it was much needed, everything is nice and green again. The highest wind gust here in Clearwater was 50 MPH. No flooding in our area. The power flashed twice at work last night, but otherwise no major problems.



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