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MP3 musicfiles download.Advice needed please.

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A friend of mine swears on HOTMP3 music download. I am not familiar with it, beside using KAZAA some years back.
It costs about  0.99 US dollarcents per month ( 2-year membership) for unlimited download.

My questions are :
1. Is it safe for your PC
2. Is it still the same idea of sharing files with other users.

Thnx for your advice and suggestions.


Never used HOTmp3 Herman, I use Limewire for free.  If you have an anti- virus  program, it will catch it either at the time the download is finished, or when you go to play it.  Paying attention to file size helps.  MP3's vary in size depending on the bitrate.  Higher the bitrate (quality), the higher the filesize.

An example:  A song at 128k will sound fine on a computer or Ipod, but will lack when playing on higher ended systems like home stereos.  For those, something around 250 or higher are better

Typical filesize for a 128k 4 minute song is around 3-4MB.  If you see songs that are quite a bit smaller than that, don't download.

Limewire is free.....And KC is right on the antivirus thing.  Your PC shouldn't have any problems as long as you have the antivirus program installed.




--- Quote from: carousel on June 11, 2006, 01:57:11 PM ---Oh, Limewire. Great, I said to my friend as he uploaded it to my computer.  Two days later, Hey friend, computer not's working, coincidence.

Ok, I'm bitter.  Hard drive was gone.  Have never dared go near the programme again.


--- End quote ---

Hmmm....did you have an antivirus program on your computer?


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