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British HIV assosciation and window period to all the nervous people


Hi folks

I have spoken to THT  a few times on the phone for various advice and help

They told me of a recent report which stated that the UK HIV assosciation ( I assume of medical professionals, experts, laboratory staff etc) have had NO reported cases of seroconversion after 3 months. I think this was reported a few months back?

Anyway, as there are quite a few posters worried about the window period and the 3 or 6 month rule thought it might be of interest. If anyone can find the link please let me know, I cant seem to find the report

Hope the mods dont mind me posting this btw

its on under guidelines

"In oral fluid samples conversion to antibody positivity can take a further two weeks 16, and thus 14 weeks from the time of exposure must be allowed for if they are being used to exclude infection. These tests are not widely available in the UK. Expert opinion should be sought when being considered for use. Generally oral fluid testing should be avoided unless venepuncture is not possible. " This worries me.

Unknown this was not meant to worry anyone, in fact the opposite  ::)

I think you would be splitting hairs to worry so much about the difference between 13-14 weeks.

Basically, after 3 months you can pretty much be guaranteed to be negative from a negative result  :)

I took mine at 12. Is oral fluid the same as plasma? Ive seen them listed on two different sections.


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