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Unprotected Oral Sex - some weird symptoms

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 :)  Good news I guess...I tested today at almost exactly 2 months and I am you guys believe this is a final result on this or should I test at 3 months again?

Current CDC recommendations are for a conclusive test at 13 weeks. Your 8 week negative is encouraging and so is the fact that the risk of infection thru giving a blowjob is extremely low. Take another test at 13 weeks but I wouldn't loose any sleep in the meantime.

Andy and Ann,

Hopefully you read my last post was hoping to hear from you guys.....HIV Test came back neg on 8 weeks should be ok i would imagine for 13 week test?



Considering that your risk was minimal at best and considering that it is unlikely and unusual for an eight week negative result to change, it is entirely up to you whether or not you test again. If you do test again, I fully expect the result to also be negative.



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