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Unprotected Oral Sex - some weird symptoms

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Hi everyone - I have read the forum requirements and am someone who posted once or twice on the old board.  I am having some weird stuff happen for like a week now (as of about a week ago).  I gave oral sex to a friend of mine on April 17, 2006  who told me they are negative and let them ejaculate in my mouth.  They assured me their blood work was negative when the test had been conducted last within the last 3 months prior.

I have a persistent sore throat for the last week as well as a rash that broke out on or around the 5 week mark after the oral sex was given.  The rash didnt contain pustules or anything but it did leave small red marks which went away.  I know testing is the ultimate verification of my health being ok and in the clear of transmission but it would help to hear from people who have experience on these topics.

I am a lil bit scared because the interaction with the friend happened in between a small break up with my partner (since back together) because I thought we were over and i dont want to risk infecting them if I have HIV.  Any ideas here or am I nuts?

Andy Velez:
Nervous, giving oral to a guy is at the low end of the risk spectrum. Most of the "evidence" regarding transmission in this manner is anecdotal rather than confirmed. Within that very limited risk possibility oral with ejaculation is considered slightly higher risk, but still very, very low.

For instance, in three substantial longterm studies of serodystonic couples in which oral sex performed on HIV+ partners was very common, and condoms were always used for intercourse, there were no cases of HIV infection of sero-negative partners. Which should be very reassuring to you.

In cases of reported transmission orally, poor oral care may have been a factor. It's safe to say that uncountable blowjobs later, we'd know if by now if giving oral was a serious risk factor. So it comes down to what your comfort level is and what very minimal level or risk you are prepared to take.

Certainly nothing you are describing in terms of symptoms is in anyway suggestive of ARS. But then neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to know about HIV status. I don't see testing as necessary in relation to this incident, but I do suggest to anyone who's sexually active to get a full STD panel done regularly -- at least annually and every six months is even better.

If you decide to test for peace of mind I expect you to test negative.



--- Quote ---I am a lil bit scared because the interaction with the friend happened in between a small break up with my partner (since back together) because I thought we were over and i dont want to risk infecting them if I have HIV. 
--- End quote ---


In addition to Andy's sage advice, I'd like to add something. You and your partner should be using condoms for intercourse every time, no exceptions, until such time as you are securely monogamous and have tested negative together for hiv and all the other STIs as well. It's the smart thing to do.

If you were both tested together before your break, and oral is the only thing either of you did with other people during your break, then you can expect your tests to return negative results. Testing is the only way to be sure you are both hiv negative and knowing your status (both of you) is a MUST before the condoms come off.

Please check out the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence.


Hi Ann and Andy

We have been together for over a year and neither he (the partner) or I have done anything "unsafe" - we have practiced oral and mutual masturbation.  We are very careful otherwise and do not have sex with third parties etc...The brief break from each other was roughly one week and I do not believe he had sex with anyone else.  He is paranoid about that stuff.  As for he and I what we do together I am usually the one who would be less at risk in our relationship according to posts regarding the different roles of people (top or bottom )etc.

The deviation from our relationship while in the break for a week was just an unprotected oral encounter with someone I know but you never know when someone tells you they are negative if its true or not. You can only do that on faith in the honesty of the person you know.

The ejaculation part is something I enjoy and if its risky to do this sometimes its just a let down not to, but I am more concerned about my health than my enjoyment.   I get tested usually when with the same partner yearly and when not with the same partner quarterly, however I do not do that many risque things other than oral sex from time to time (time to time means 2 times a year).

I just have never had a persistent sore throat for more than a couple of days, this has been like almost 2 weeks and its not strep or thrush since nothing white is on my throat, tongue etc.  Just very weird - although a nurse told me you can have sore throat for a month sometimes.


You can also get other STIs in your throat like chlamydia or gonorrhea. If you haven't had your throat swabbed for these, you might want to considering your persistent sore throat.

As for hiv, I agree with Andy that if you decide to test for peace of mind, I would also expect you to test negative.

And thanks for the clarification you provided in your second post.



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