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It's Leila/Chrissie. I know you all weren't too happy with me before but...

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Hey everyone,

Andy Velez:
Leila, there are a number of things going on here. To me the most obvious and important one is that you re-test for HIV.

The reliability of the earlier test result you had seems to me in question because of the unreliability as to what your bf has told you. So I would say that you need to re-test at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident. Hopefully you will continue to test negative, but only the test can give you that answer reliably.

Secondly, from here on in and for the forseeable future I strongly recommend that your bf always wear a latex condom when you have intercourse. This is not what I call a securely monogamous situation in which both parties test negative together and are committed to monogamy. And without those factors in place, having unprotected intercourse is just too risky.

If you and this guy are interested in maintaining your relationship it seems there are some major issues to work on. I suggest you see a counselor or therapist together and perhaps individually as well to get things sorted out.

Good luck with your re-testing.


Thank you so much for your quick response.  I realize it seemed sarcastic when I said my boyfriend has lots of girl "friends," but they really are just his friends.  It just annoys me that most of his friends are girls.  Let me ask you this: what is the risk of transmission per incident of unprotected vaginal intercourse with ejaculation?

I think a better question to ask yourself is:  How much do I value remaining negative? 

100 to 1....1,000 to 1....1,000,000 to 1:  Doesn't matter much if you happen to be the "1".

Trust me.  I ended up as one of the "1's".

The statistics for unprotected vaginal intercourse stands at 1/1000.  I agree with Andy.  Retest for HIV.  I know in the US at least they routinely test pregnant women for HIV.  I do not know how far along you are, whether you've had your first appointment yet, but definitely make sure you level with your doctor and get that test then.  I also think using condoms would be a good idea because he just doesn't sound trustworthy or mature person.  I personally wouldn't hold my faith in someone like that.  You have the chance to remain HIV negative.  Please be wise in that aspect.


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