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Im sorry If Im quite most of the time on here!

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I appreciate your post because it serves to remind us that those of us in your general situation are not alone after all. 

It's frustrating...seems a lot of guys lack basic social skills when it comes to making friends...and/or are looking for some perfect type of person...which of course does not and never will exist.

To me there's a big difference between real friends and acquaintances.  It's hard to make friends.  Few seem to value building continuity. 

We can't change others...but we all need to learn how to love ourselves...which cannot be based upon a popularity contest!



Remember to save a lot of your thoughts for Montreal.
It can be lonely here at the coastside sweetie...

We are all alone in the end.
Come here as often as you like...




I understand where you are at.  I've struggled with feeling lonely most of my life.  Even when it seemed there were tons of people around me who cared for me.  It's a hard one to figure out. 

I agree with Gary about friends vs. acquaintances.  I have been pretty lucky in that my best buddies have been around awhile.  One I've known for 36 years, another 26 and three for 20 years.  All of them are straight and can't understand why their old buddy is playing for the other team but they love me and are never more than a phone call or email away.  And of course now there is the love of my life, my best buddy.  I love to just listen to him talk about his thoughts and dreams and to hear him laugh.  He is a blessing.

One thing that my dad always told me which grated upon me at the time, but which I have found to be true is this:  To have a friend, you must be a friend.  When I was struggling with the depression, that was the last thing I wanted to do, to reach out and be a friend to someone else, but it was one of the few things that really helped.  Getting outside of myself is healthy for me, cause sometimes I can be a self centered little brat.  lol  Look for some way to reach out and get involved if you can, in anything.  It really helps.

As far as the online friends, even these forums can be somewhat daunting at times.  So many people here seem to know each other and there are lots of inside jokes and things which I do not get.  I almost stopped coming here after a week.  But I stuck it out and am glad.  Like anything else in life you find all kinds of people but for the most part I appreciate everyone here.  And although I can't say I have met any of these folks, there have been timely and most welcome kind words from people like Zephyr, Hermie, Trish, John, and my hero Moffie. 

I am glad you have the chance to go to Montreal.  I hope it will rekindle your spirit and remind you that you are not alone.  And if you ever need to talk or unload feel free to do so in IM or on here.  You are loved and cared for.

I don't have a job. I could probably count all of my friends on one hand. Most of them are just my family members. It would be so nice to get in the car and travel around but in this day and time with no money its hard to even do that. I know I would love to try and get to know more of you on here but just saying the right words just never comes out right. So I usually try and keep to myself and stay in the background and watch and read the threads to see what is really going on with the bunch. My fought I know being shy does not help much either. So I just wanted to post a thread today and explain how I felt.

Hi Jerry,

I don't often check in or post for that matter, but your post touched me today.

Feeling a sense of disconnect can often be a part of living with this dang virus in us.

I live on a couple of disability pensions (so no chance to meet any work mates there), and only a handful of true friends as well, and I would rather turn to them when I need support (or whatever) than turn to people who don't know me well, or me them.  I do that in both my online and actual life. The two go hand in hand for me. So by all means, keep on posting. I mean, what more appropriate place to share your thoughts and feelings?

The shy part of me hesitates to take a leap of faith in meeting new people. In fact, I have a natural dislike of groups, preferring one on one interaction. So actually, I find this Internet thing of great value in communicating. Without it I might tend to isolate a lot more often. Probably compared to many people my life is rather dull and boring besides. LOL

Anyhow, blah blah blah, I just wanted to say that I appreciated reading your candor.


You know I feel like this is the only place on the internet I can turn to for support and a talk from time to time if it wasn't for me finding this site I really don't think I would even have a computer. Thanks you guys are the best.

Now sitting at home drinking Smirnoff Ice.


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