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Im sorry If Im quite most of the time on here!

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Hello Jerry,

You know, way back in my old party days, I thought I had plenty of friends. What a joke it was believing that. Of course, when one is intoxicated most of the time, any bar room aquaintance, can all of a sudden become "best buddy"
( and they love you even more, when your buying the drinks :(

I can count my true friends, on less then the one hand. They are very few, but these are friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin all these years. People that I can depend on, when need be. I believe you have that here...

 I know your hurting, But, you have to take the bull by the horns, and remember, you do have your Montreal trip coming up shortly !!! I feel things taking a turn-around for you. !! After your Montreal trip , start planning your next get-a way !! I know the money situation can be tight. See what you can do to make a little on the side, that won't jeopardize any Gov't assistance that you may be receiving. There has got to be some ways to make a few buck out there.

Hang in there-----Ray

I agree Ray on that thing about friends. They are usually the ones that give a shit about you. Also the ones you think are your friends they are the ones that end up stabbing you in the back.

True friends are hard to find. I'm just glad I found this place my home away from home on the internet.

(((((((( BIG HUG )))))))


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