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Im sorry If Im quite most of the time on here!

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Living in the area that I live in is really hard to find people to talk too. On an average day I can log on to the computer and open YIM, MSNIM, and come on here and it is usually the same everyday. I get so tired of coming in to this place and not really knowing what to say or how to say it. I feel like sometimes you have to be extra smart to even take part in some of the threads on here.

I have gotten to know most of you on here just by reading some of your threads. Also meeting some of you back in November when we meet in Nashville was great. But when you live in an area like I do its hard to meet people. I started a blog on MYPAGE.COM, and when you go to search for people in my area affected or gay at that matter I usually return back to zero. It is really a shame to know that during this day and time that people are afraid to come out or at least say there not afraid of disclosure.

I don't have a job. I could probably count all of my friends on one hand. Most of them are just my family members. It would be so nice to get in the car and travel around but in this day and time with no money its hard to even do that. I know I would love to try and get to know more of you on here but just saying the right words just never comes out right. So I usually try and keep to myself and stay in the background and watch and read the threads to see what is really going on with the bunch. My fought I know being shy does not help much either. So I just wanted to post a thread today and explain how I felt.

Awwww Jerry

I know how you feel- I have moved about for a year or so, due to my work and my bfs work. I find it hard to make friends and have had some experiences  with people betraying me and I feel I cant let my guard down with people, and I tend to hide myself away sometimes  :'(

I know its difficult, but sometimes baby steps help. I joined a gym, and although I am quite shy there I can speak to people before classes and ask how they are. I see the same people most weeks. Maybe one day Ill arrange a drink with them? I dont know

There is also forum meets, I saw some here, but also another forum Im on they have a meet. I might go to one if they have one near me.

But other than that, you are not alone, far from it. Thats why the internet is so fab- It means we can meet people of all different races and situations, and make friends we would never have met, and get great support, all at the end of a computer  ;D


Sorry to hear about the darn isolation thing still causing you distress.  I don't know what the answer is, but I hope you are able to find one soon.

On the other hand, you shouldn't ever feel like you have to sit back and be quiet here in the forums.  I know there are times when people might not respond to a thread or a comment, but that probably has more to do with the volume of activity (things are easily overlooked unless you are logged in 24/7).

Finally, in just about 2 months, you'll be getting lots and lots of hugs and smiles.  I know I am getting very excited about that.  Feeling a little like a kid anticipating Christmas.   :D


Jerry you know the old saying"silence is golden". That is something I know I should practice more. It seems like people who say the least probably are the ones who have the most to say...or are the most insightful.

I know isolation is so numbing...just seems to suck the energy right out of you. Rural or city it doesn't seem to matter...I know where you are coming from. Well, at least you made me think today there is someone beside me out there and I thank you for that.

Sounds like you are going to Montreal...after a weekend with these knuckleheads you will be praying for some isolation.LOL Have a great time and we want all the gory details.

I'm thinking of you.
Hal ;)



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