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Does anyone use Skype?

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You can make calls for free to anyone in the world and even leave/send voicemail messages and have conference calls.

I do Cliff.

You can also do video calls on it.

Works pretty well, but best with high speed internet connections.


Thanks!  Question:

When you talk on the phone, is there a lag or echo or is the quality almost as similar as making calls from a land-line phone?

I use skype Cliff. Generally speaking its better then say yahoo or msn for voice chat. There can be a little delay (depending on the network),but most of the time it really works well. I never experienced echo.. 


the calls are only free to other people who also have skype..otherwise you have to pay, although it is a bit cheaper than regular landline rates.

I found that the sound quality varied; some days it was really clear, just like a landline. Other days, for whatever reason, the line was terrible, lots of interference etc. But for a free call, i guess it might be worth sacrificing brilliant sound quality!



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