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Jeep Rubicon vs Toyota Tacoma

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My poor 1990 Ford Ranger is in the process of giving up the ghost, quickly. I've narrowed my choice to either a Jeep Rubicon or a Toyota Tacoma.

I live in Colorado, have a bunch of camping and fishing equipment and really want to hit the mountains again. I'm planning on carring a canoe and taking whatever is appropriate for equipment, grabbing my dog and heading for the hills.

Guys at work are split between the jeep and taco. The taco has a bed to put stuff in but not the ground clearance or turning radius of the jeep. The jeep has a small space to carry stuff if I remove the back seat, but I'll probably have to get a small trailer for larger things.

Anyone have any experience with either of these vehicles?


Toyota.  It will hold its value longer and be a better-made/higher quality vechicle.

my brother loves his taco.

He's on his way to Arizona via Yosemite right now.  He spent the night with us and he just puts one of those nifty roof boxes (thule?) in the bed of the truck and he's on his way.  He carries all his video stuff in the back seat and keeps it covered and locked.


humble opinion...

toyota will say you mean business.

jeep will say you'd like to.

(+ all the other important stuff about holding value + construction, as mentioned by cliff)



I would go with the Toyota over the Jeep anyday.


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