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 Hello 19 yo female here :( Well.. here goes my and my boyfriend were talking and he confessed to me that he made one mistake that he deeply regrets but he came honest with me and fully truthful. He was  a little tipsy about 2 months ago on a night out with his friends and i found out that he received a blowjob from some unknown girl that i know of...:( it really hurt me but what kept my chin up is that we now after 2 months we love each other soo..much and were coming clean on everything iam so scared and not to mention that i found out by my girlfriends what he had done so i know exactly what happen:( thinking bout the fact that my boyfriend received a blowjob from someone else really hurt me but were getting through it.. I was only scared because im pregnant with his baby.  Now and im scared if anything HIV related to happen to me or my baby...he has done a full STD screen and was good for the most part. He was screened about a week after that had happened to him and he was clean for the most part only that he had chylamydia i believe and they gave em pills for it and its clear now and i just got pregnant his HIV was also negative... and i myself(Unaware of why until now..:( paid for his pcr exam which he did about 2 weeks after that and it was negatvie as well...It all became clear now why he was soo paranoid...he was really sad and felt bad about it. I need some words of advice...i dont wanna say men are dogs because i love him and noones perfect but it really hurt.. He follwed up with an antibody test at about 3 weeks and something days after that, and his most recent test was at 6 weeks and 5 days and that was negative as well. Well some honest words of encouragement would help any thing..

BTw i screened for stds as well and i was A ok thats whats got me smiling:) atleast..:(

You don't get HIV from getting a blowjob. So worrying about that incident is ridiculous. You don't need to test because he got a blowjob.

I understand that you're a MOD but saying this is ridiculous seems kinda harsh..coming from someone whos suppose to be a professional about this....of course im gonna worry iam pregnant...thnx for the little but encouraging info...:(

Sorry, I just gave you the facts. Oh, by the way, I'm not a mod.

I DO appreciate it though it's given me some piece of mind but at this's not only me i have to look out for but my child as well but thank you very much...if you;re not a MOD what are you? because I see you answering Q's on the page so i assumed you were..take care hun.


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