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Reyataz Question


This situation won't apply to many people, but it is a constant worry for me. If anyone has an answer, I would really appreciate it:

The instructions that come with Reyataz state that it should be stored below 25oC. I live in the tropics and the temperature is usually in the low 30s.  It seems as if it would be very wasteful to run A/C in a room all day just for a few pills.  Does storing this drug above 25oC mean that it is less effective? Is it o.k. to store it in the refrigerator? or would that be too cold?




"REYATAZ Capsules should be stored at 25  C (77 F); excursions permitted to 1530  C (5986 F)"

Thanks for the link Gerry.

I guess I'll have to hope that it going to be o.k. hovering around 30oC


        I would ask the pharmacist you get your meds from. I would imagine that the fridge would be fine but not sure, I always ask whenever I have any query, that way I don't have to worry!
                  Best wishes,


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