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Can i be infected?



I'm a male 21 years old and yesterday i had sex with a hooker in a privateroom, it was save sex she gave me a blowjob and after that i had sex with her. Till there no problem, only after the sex i didn't come yet and my time was over so i said i wanted some more and asked her to suck me off some more, she said OK but i be right back and wash yourself in the meantime, now since the language barrier (she spoke very crappy English and me as well as u notice lol) and i was a little high i thought she meant to wash the condom, so i putted my penis under the water with the condom on it (yes lol) and washed the outside layer of the condom with my hands, but since my penis wasn't stiff anymore, i saw some wather slipping into my condom which maybe took some of the fluits from the outsidelayer with it? Now that's my concern.. can there be any kind of infection through that? That the water took some fluits from the outside of the condom to the inside of the condom. Later we laughed about it and of course she just meant to put on another condom. But now I'm kind of worried? Sorry for my bad English, and yes i know this was very dumb. ::)


NO, you won't be infected in what you done, but I must say it was funny.


I really worried tonight if the fluit from the outside maybe took something with it, i couldnt sleep from it..
Also after some googling i couldnt find any info on the internet about fluit from the outside going to the inside and the infection risks of such a my head i already walked all kind of doom scenarios and was planning a hiv test. But just to ask, what is the reason i couldnt be infected,.. lets say if the hooker was infected does the virus dies imediately after it contacts the condom? or kills the water it? or air? or combination of all.. i dont know lol maybe i sound kind of hyper but i would like to know, so i can explain it to myself and lay it to rest.

thanks again


Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus. Small changes in temperature, moisture levels and pH levels are enough to damage the membrane surrounding hiv as well as the plugs it uses to latch onto and infect the cells of a new host.

What you describe is in no way, shape or form a risk for hiv infection.

Keep using those condoms and you will avoid hiv infection. Please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence. Please also read through the Welcome Thread for links to the Hiv Transmission Lesson.

You did not have a risk of hiv infection.


Thanks Ann for explaining this to me ;), i didn't knew that the virus is damaged so easily..
I will read the links you gave me..

peace 8)


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