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Is there a way to find out which Trials are in Phase III


I know there is a website called where we can get information about them but you can't view them according to phases.

Also is there a website for International Clinical Trials available?

For international trials check out :

You can do a keyword search based on development phase (eg. I, II, III, IIIA/B, IV)
and location (city, state, country)

For a list of 77 new medicines and vaccines that are in development to treat HIV/AIDS and related conditions, according to a survey (released on Nov 30 2006) by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) :

There is a column that shows the development phase of the drugs

also check out :

Hope that helps  :)

Thanks for the info. It was very helpful. Do you think they will speed things up in clinical trials if there are effective drugs.

Yes the FDA is doing that for meds in the pipeline

How HIV Drugs Get Approved
Expanded Access and Expedited Approval of New Therapies Related to HIV/AIDS
and check out J220's previous post "FDA Proposes Broadening Access to Drugs"


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