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Hi everyone.  I know you're not doctors and that hiv infection can't be diagnosed by symptoms, but I'm going through a scary time now, and would like to know if these symptoms sound familiar to ARS or seroconversion.  The last time I got tested for hiv was January 2006 and the results were negative.  I am a 28 year old male.  Here is my story:

On November 9, I went to a bath house.  I did not have unprotected sex.  No condoms broke and only one person came inside me with a condom.  I made a point to check that the condom was not broken when he pulled out.  I did give and receive unprotected oral (although nobody ejaculated in my mouth and I didn't ejaculate in anyone else's mouth).  But I am not sure about precum.

Two weeks later on Thanksgiving I came down with a fever of 100.5 and I did vomit.  The fever lasted for like 1.5 - 2 days and went away.

The following Friday, December 8, I started developing a rash all over my arms, torso, and tops of legs.  It was not really itchy.  No fever, vomiting or diarrhea occurred with the rash, it was just a rash.  I went to the doctor on Monday with the rash and he prescribed me methylprednisolone and hydroxyzine.  (I didn't tell him about the incident at the bath house) The rash went completely away by Wednesday.  I have been worried and depressed after I have been researching ARS and seroconversion on the web and am thinking I became infected with what I went through.

I know it might still be early to find (5 weeks), but I made an appointment to get tested for STDs, including hiv at the doctor's office tomorrow, December 15.

Like I said above, I know you're not doctors, but you hear a lot of stories and give great advice, so I would like your opinions on my experience.  I think you guys do an great service with these forums.

thank you,

Well just get tested and wait for the results... thats about all you can do. good luck!

very worried!:
Hi, i am very sorry for writing in this thread but im desperate to get an answer and i cant fingure out how to start my own. A while ago i deeply fingured a girl while she was on her period for about 20 mins max. She then gave me oral sex for about half a minute and i had a small sore on the side of my penis. The part that worries me the most is my penis rubbed against her vagina, she was naked but i had my underwear on but they are nylon so not very thick. I hadnt noticed she was on her period untill about 20 mins later when i went to the bathroom and notcied quite a lot of blood on my hands and also on my underwear where i was rubbing against her vagina for a couple of minutes. 2 months later before i knew about hiv symptoms i developd a dotted rash on my back, confimed swollen glands which was apparantly a viral infection, and mouth ulcers (about 5 in a week). My doctor advised against testing saying that hiv was only passed through actual sex and prodominantly anal sex (excuse me spelling) and there was no way i had it. After several visits to him he ordered a blood test to put my mind at rest. I took the blood test at 13 weeks and i believe it was the antibody test combined with p24 and i also had a full blood count as well as many others. All the results came back negative and he went through all my results saying that there was absolutly nothing wrong with me. I should say i dont no if she is hiv+ but she has a history of sleeping around (unprotected) because as she says (i am on the pill and i no everyone i have sex with!) I find it hard understanding that these symptoms all came at once after this event happened, the thing i am most worried about is the rubbing of my penis on her vagina even tho i had my underwear on my penis could of easily slipt out or blood could of got through and of course she was on her period, could you please tell me if its possible for hiv to be caught this way, (Afterall it is penis and vaginal contact!) Isnt that a risk? The oral sex and fingering i am not going to ask about as i no what the answer will be and i dont want to waiste your time! Many thanks

Andy Velez:
Very, you can't simply insert a new question in someone else's thread.

When you click into the list of threads, just scroll down to the last one and click on "new topic." Then you can begin your own thread and you'll get answers there.


Andy Velez:
Minus, as you already know neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about your HIV status. I will say the rash you described did not last as long the one associated with ARS usually does.

It's good to read you're using condoms for intercourse. Way to go! Giving oral is at the very low end of the risk scale, particularly if ejaculation doesn't take place. Receiving oral is no risk to you whether you ejaculate or not.

For anyone who's sexually active it's a good idea to have a full STD panel done regularly. Other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV.

If any of your symptoms persist you should discuss them with your doctor.

Good luck with your test. Nothing you have reported leads me to expect other than a negative result.




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