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Anyone hear of Ceragenins?

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Not to derail this thread, but to answer your questions, the last I heard of the Ensoli trial was a posting of an email she sent to someone at where she conclusively states that the second phase of their anti-tat vaccine is going ahead as planned, albeit a little delayed- she quoted money distribution issues. She also stated that the results of the phase one were very good, or something along those lines.

As far as Dr. Kang's vaccine, they are waiting to receive approval from the FDA to begin their first phase. I wrote to them and they said that the approval is imminent, and it's basically a done deal. I asked about the inclusion parameters for the trial but the person who responded said he didn't really know and gave me Dr. kang's email address (!) so I could ask him directly when he returns from somewhere overeas. Dr. Kang's vaccine seems to have great potential, and I don't think it was really subject to excessive hype as the CSA-54 was. Dr. Kang has been working on his vaccine for some two decades, and apparently the type of vaccine he developed is different than others that have failed. I do know that it succeded in causing an immune response on animals. Anything could happen, of course, but that includes the possibility that it could work. After all, Curocom (the Korean company financing the trials)  seems to have enough faith in it to plunk down fifty million dollars..that's quite a sum. So let's see where this goes! We may yet hear fantastic news sometime this year.

P.S. About Ceragenix again, I am sure they were counting their money all the way to the bank after the media "overhyped" (even though they wrote the press release themselves) their announcement. I remember looking at their stock activity after the press release (CGXP) and you can see the stock jumped almost "unfortunate" for them that the media overhyped the announcement....

I think you're 100% correct about Ceregenix.  They seem to be more interested in skin products, although they claim to have the answers to resistant bacterial infections.  With I'd made money off them instead of getting false hope.

Continuing the derailment...I was quite excited after reading about Ensoli in the 'old' forums and also took a look at Lilachat's forum, even though I don't speak Italian.  It sounded like the early results were better than expected and there were some on the forum that seemed to think things were going much better than expected and that's why details were being kept under wraps.  I had also thought phase II had started early - too bad they were delayed by funding.

That's great you're going to be in touch with Dr. Kang!  I still haven't seen anything about how this vaccine actually works, other than "3-pronged."  Since you have had some contact there, do you think his comments that "we may be able to cure hiv infection" was perhaps a language thing or did he really mean 'cure' with all it's implications.  I know you probably can't answer that, but of course everyone on here would like to know...

I was very interested in your thoughts on brain infection from another topic and had thought some of the same things myself.  I'll see if I can find that posting and respond to it.


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