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I'm getting tested next week..


sarah 87:
I'm going for my first HIV test next Thurday, and I've had such high anxiety over it that it's hard to think of anything else.

I had a boyfriend for about three years, but we broke up for about 6 months before getting back together [we're broken up again now, and one of my friends mentioned to me that he had admitted to having unprotected sex with quite a few girls during the 6 months we were broken up].
We had unprotected oral sex both ways a few times, and I'm worried that I might have contracted the virus that way.
While performing oral sex on him, he did not ejaculate, and from our previous experiences, there was little to no pre-cum [at least none that I noticed].
The only factor that I can think of that would have increased my chances is that my wisdom teeth had been coming in a month or so prior to that.
Also, a few weeks after the situation, I did experience flu-like symptoms, but one of my good friends who I'd been staying with experienced them, too, so I'm assuming this could have actually just been the flu.
The whole situation may just be my mind getting the best of me, and being paranoid, but it seems like the time until I'll get my results back is forever away  :o

thank you for your's much appreciated.

Never believe what anyone says about someone else. Find out for yourself. Giving head is at the very bottom of the risk scale and before long I'm sure they will probably make it a no risk. If you are going to fret over it. Take a test 13 weeks post your last sex with him or 13 weeks past your last sexual relations to get a confirmed result. Myself, I wouldn't bother testing, but I'm not you.

sarah 87:
Thanks for the quick reply.
The last time I had any kind of relations with him was in February or March of this year.
I've been fairly sure it will come back negative, but my nerves have been getting the best of me.
Again, thank you :)


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