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Just need to put it out there

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i encourage you to stay away from this site for got all the facts you need now...reading about hiv will only make your anxiety worse and the duration longer (coming here will make you feel better for only a short is addictive...but makes it worse).  and when the anxiety hits you out of the blue focus on the facts and do something you enjoy.  i think you should consider yourself fortunate for this experience and use the time to exmaine yourself. 

glad to see you are having a humourous approach.

few months...hah!...only if...hopefully you will have a lifetime to make it up to her.     

Thanks again, folks and I'll try to stay away and focus on the good things and healing my marriage. You guys really are an inspiration.

Jiminy Christmas! I got hit hard today when I realized why the doctor would have taken a chest xray, TB! I read on webmd that when there is a concern over hiv infection that the doc should look for TB as well. This coupled with the fact that the doctor only listened to my symptoms and to my (seemingly hundredth) telling of my exposure he gave (yes, what seemed like to me) a nonchalant "I don't think you have hiv" and told me to make an appt with my primary care doctor. Which I have tomorrow, btw. So far they have been all urgent care doctors (freakin' 4 in total). My symptoms are subsiding (had them since about May 1st or so) but, man they are still there and I continuously have the shaky anxious feeling.
AAAAArrrrggghhh, say I! I really can't get this out of my head and I feel so rotten all over. Something funny, though...I am a fat dude, about 319 soaking wet:) and I have noticed weight loss all over (clothes looser, can feel my muscles without pushing real hard, etc.) and when I momentarily forget my troubles with this personal demon, I find myself walking around like a stud because I'm losing weight. Man, I hope it's just stress...
I know I am not supposed to come here, Alex. And, believe me, I have taken any opportunity I can to do something to keep my mind off of this but like I said before, the last doc kinda slid those chest xrays in and didn't explain what they were for and I just did em like a good little (319lbs) boy. But, now it seems like he was diagnosing me by symptoms and the momentary relief I got from my six month neg test was banished with a quickness.
Also, as I mentioned before I have told my wife and we are going to keep going and tough this out together but I don't want to worry her with my worries and symptoms so I don't even talk with her about it, yet. If down the road I need to I will. But, the point is I need to talk this out and I have an appt with my primary care doctor tomorrow and she's going to go over the 11 tests they did with my blood as well as the xrays and I am just going loopy. Harrumph!

correction to above post: 6 week negative test. not 6 month neg test

I wish it was a 6 month neg test...

Matty the Damned:
As you have been told, you do not have to worry about HIV in this case. You don't need to test. What you have is a whopping great case of the guilts because you had sex outside your relationship. Have you considered discussing your concerns about this with your doctor or a counsellor?



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