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Just need to put it out there

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Why are you test again? Why six months? You didn't have a risk to begin with and there is no reason what so ever to test at 6 months. None of your symptoms are related to HIV to begin with.

Woo-Hoo!!! I justed tested negative with an oro-quik (sp) about an hour ago!!
Thank you all for your replies and empathy. I will never forget this experience nor will I forget you all here. Thank you all so much and I hope good things come to all of you for all that you do for us knuckleheads (this is a term of endearment for me) that come to this board. I also hope that all the other people that come to this board that are in the position I was in find their news as good as mine. And to those already infected, I hope that your lives are long and happy.
I can't say it enough...
Thank You

Andy Velez:
Hi SN,

Congrats on that happy (if not unexpected) test result. Celebrate by getting on with your life -- and keeping those latex condoms handy!



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