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Here's what happened
On the first of december I had unprotected oral sex (on me) from a sex worker. She said she just brushed her her teeth about 15 mins before Also briefly i performed oral on her. we had protected vaginal sex, her condom. I guess it is paranoid to think she sabatoged the condom, i saw her unroll it on me and plus it was intact at the end i then pulled it off and she fellated me to orgasm. I met her on the net and i've talked to her since then, she says she gets tested every two weeks and is fine. On the 8th of this month i got tested for gonorrhea, clamydia, and syph. All calme back negative
My questions
Should HIV be a concern in this situation in the least bit? And if so, should i take the six week and then just drop it?
Also, is the test i took for the other 3 sti's reliable at about eight days after? I feel a bit of an itching and the head of my penis is a bit red, but called into today to find the test results were negative.
Anybody's input on this situation is greatly appreciated. One thing that worries me is that maybe she is recently infected or something, so i have a higher chance of getting it.
Finally, I may or may not have hsv1 down below (was positive on bloodtest) but dont think anything was overtly open or bleeding or anything, would the condom be enough to protect me? One more thing. What defines "condom failure" is it basically if it slips off or breaks? I think this condom she used slipped a bit up on my penis, but ever came off, I distinctly remember pulling it of for the oral sex.
Wishing and waiting
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Condom failure is where it pops. Basically you pull out and you find your penis sticking out of it. Trust me, you would know.

There is no risk for HIV in your story. Test if you like, but I wouldn't bother.

Sabotage? Get real!


What im going to get real with is thanking you for your fast reply cause it means alot. What freaked me out today was your typical "is this ARS sitatuion" where i feel really tired weak and things like that, clammy. I appreciate you're fast reply it really means so much. Does ARS ever happen with one symptom like that? I suppose maybe stress and not eating right, things like that.  :) I just don't know what to think at this point since I do feel really weak and all.

Why would the prostitute sabotage the condom?   Did she give any impression that she had a desire to get HIV?  You do realize that they have to protect themselves from whatever the clients are carrying, so there is no reason for her to do that, since she had no idea what it is you might have.

If you would feel better testing, it is up to you.  Some people will not believe anything people say and need a negative result to ease their fears, so if you need that, then test at the 3 month mark.

Remember feeling tired isn't necessarily HIV related.  If that were true, then everyone has HIV.  Don't chase symptoms, the only thing that matters is the test.   If you do test, you will be negative though.


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