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CDC - 97 percent develop antibodies in 3 months


I have spoken to the CDC on the accuracy of testing at 3 months. They stated that 97 percent of people will have developed antibodies in 3 months. The average is 25 days. They still advise for testing at 6 months to make sure. My question to them was as to who makes up the 3 percent of people who do not develop antibodies in 3 months. Do these people already have issues with their immune systems, drug users, ect? They said that they did not have that information. What I have not been told in the past, but what was read to me over the phone this particular time, was that if the encounter was with an HIV positive person, the patient still has concern or a physician has concern, then retesting is advised at 6 months. Does anyone have any information on these cases? Is the 6 month rule becoming a thing of the past? When I recently tested, my mentor said the 6 months retest was not needed. Others still say it is.

Only if you are an IV drug user, on chemo drugs or if you have a compromised immune system does your need to test out to 6 months.


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