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Our Wedding Ceremony

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Ric Wilke:
Dearest Forum Friends,

Since we have transitioned to the new Forum format we would like to post our invitation once again.  We have finalized the script of the ceremony and are both very excited for you to share with us this very special event.

Richard W. Wilke
Thomas A. Martin
request the honor of your presence
when we exchange vows
to begin the next stage of our
lives together

August 18, 2006
at 4:00 pm
in the Longueuil Room
at Hotel Gouverneur Place Dupuis
1415 rue, St-Hubert
Montreal Quebec Canada

Hors d'oeuvres will be served
at 6:00 pm
at Complexe Bourbon
(3rd floor)
1574 rue, Ste-Catherine
Montreal Quebec Canada

Dearest Ric and Thom

I can't wait to share it with you both..I've even bought a new dress for the occasion, that makes two dresses in my wardrobe now.. :D.

Love and Hugs to you both.
(who is counting the days)

is there an attire requirement?   So I can pack properly?!?

are you expecting dressy or jeans/t-shirt?

I hope you will still be virgins...
And both dressed in white...



(Laughing my head off at the suggestion these two would ever get away with wearing white!  ::)  :o )

Jan said:

--- Quote ---I've even bought a new dress for the occasion,
--- End quote ---

Better not be the same one I'm wearing Missy!   >:(

Ric and Thom:

Looking forward to it.  See you guys there!   :-*



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