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New drug raises AIDS cure hopes

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Here is an interesting article I came across.  Thought i'd share it with you guys.


New drug raises AIDS cure hopes
Friday December 8 2006 11:27 IST
VIJAYAWADA: An India-born US professor has discovered a new drug, which, he claims, can cure HIV/AIDS. The drug, containing peptide protein, has been successfully tested on monkeys, the professor claimed.

Using the target-based drug, one can stop the replication of Human Immuno Virus (HIV) and neutralise its harmful impact on the human immunological system, professor of Department of Immunology, Mid Anderson Cancer Centre of the University of Texas, K Jaggannadha Sastry claimed. However, the drug was yet to be tested on humans and it could take some more time before it is available in the market, Sastry said.

Sastry, who is on a visit to his home town, said he was keen to conduct clinical trials on humans beings in India. ‘‘We are keen to conduct clinical trials in India and Africa, where the number of HIV positive cases is higher. We are going through the required paper work necessary to conduct clinical trials. We are hopeful of doing them in the next six months.’’ he said.

Sastry said that the treatment involves injection of HIV look-alike synthetic virus into the organic system, which can act as a protective layer on the cell preventing the entry of the virus and reducing the chances of viral mutation.

‘‘This is more beneficial than the conventional drugs used for treatment of HIV AIDS as it can prevent the entry of HIV virus into healthy cells. The new drug has no side affects, including toxicity and affecting the resistance of healthy cells,’’ Sastry said.

Thanks for the info.

I don't know anything about this specific treatment and I don't want to be too pessimistic, but lots of stories like this seem to pop up.  My policy is not to take any new treatment/medication seriously until they are at least in Phase 3 trials.  I don't want to continually riding the roller coaster of having too much hope and then losing it.  That said, the more avenues that researchers are exploring the better.


For some apparent reason I kind of believe that Asian countries will have the cure first. Not to discredit Western countries but to my knowledge America and Most of Europe are focused on curing Cancer more than HIV because it affects westerners more. Asia and Africa have a higher demand for it and it is no longer just an economic gain but a social and health issue.

Western countries have better Universities, Doctors and Resources. What is taking them so long? I know that clinical trials need to me administered but shouldn't they speed the process much more if the percentage of improving HIV poz people occurs.

Let's pray that this man in India is not working on the basis of become famous and rich but instead to save us.

So by the same token, an Indian company doesn't have more to gain from a persistent infection as a Western company would - as is often wrongly claimed on this forum?

Why haven't they done it yet? Because it is bloody hard. Are they looking for the cure? YES.

Will the cure come from India? Maybe. However, to answer lostboy's comment I don't see how this treatment will do anything to combat latent and persistent infection. Cure HIV? Lost in translation?


It is very hard to belive this could be true.
Lots of people are trying to take advantage of HIV/AIDS patients as the law is not very strict in India. You dont need govt permission to sell medicines like ayurveda.
It is very easy to calim to be a doctor in India. You will come across lots of people(in India) who say they have cure for HIV/AIDS.
It is sad but true.
I believe only US has the resources to develop drug to rescue HIV/AIDS people. Iam not sure if they ever do it as the drug companies are making billions of dollors on Aids meds


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